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April 2004 Archive
11Apr2004  Allison spent the weekend replanting seedlings with Tutka supervising.  We may have started a little soon, especially considering we do not have a greenhouse yet.  We might have a jungle before it is warm enough to put the plants outside.  However there is hope, we have had a couple of  very springish days.  Homer is snow free, but up here on the hill we still have quite a bit of snow.  Happy Easter.
11 April 2004
Spring is in the Air...or at least in the Living room
24Apr2004  Our chickens arrived on the 16th.  These are Barred Rocks.  The currently reside in a tub in our bath tub.  I am constructing a chicken tractor for their summer home.  I will need to build a warmer chicken house for winter.  We hope to be getting eggs in October....That is assuming we can keep Tutka from "playing" with them.  He is very interested in these new squeaky toys.
The Cheeps Are In!
25 April 2004