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June 2004 Archive
13 June 2004
Big Bull
June2004  Whilst out in Prince William Sound doing a site visit for work, this big bull seal kept trying to get up on the rock below where we were working.  (I must admit that I don't know if it is a seal or a sea lion.)  He tried and tried for quite a while.  I was not sure if he was nervous about us, just goofing around, or actually could not get up the rock.  When we departed, we had to hop onto the boat near this location.  He swam over and either checked us out or threatened us.  In either case, we felt very threatened.  By the way, we have permits and a permitted biologist with us when we go near the seals and sea lions.
27 June 2004
Site Visit
May2004  On a warm and fine May day, we choppered from Homer to Ailaka Bay to service some of our SeeMoreWildlife equipment.  I spent the better part of this wonderful day on this hill in the middle of the bay waiting for the chopper to pick me up.  There are 2 glaciers that feed this bay.  The Patterson and Ailak Glaciers (the latter is not visible from this location).  The ptarmigan were chucking all around me, the snow was melting at a furious rate.  It sure beat sitting in an office!  (Of course, we have days where we would rather be in the office, but this sure was not one of them.)