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May 2004 Archive
02 May 2004
The Moose is Hungry
20Apr2004  This cow was hanging around the cabin of a friend for the better part of a week, eating a felled birch tree.  This moose did not seem to mind being 20 or 30 feet from people working with power equipment.  It did show some interest in one of the worker's dog.  But once it saw that the dog had no interest in the her, the moose continued her browsing.  Now I assumed this moose was just inured to people, but a friend was theorizing, that the moose's fear may just be muted by extreme hunger.  The early spring is when many moose die of starvation.  They may have made it through the winter snows, but nothing has greened up yet and they are at the end of their fat stores.
30 May 2004
Chicken Tractor
29May2004  This is our chicken tractor (or chicken ark to you Brits).  I shamelessly modeled it after one sold by a british company.   The coop is 3' by 4' with 3 laying boxes tacked onto the (far)side and the pen is 4'x8'x3'.   I pull the wheels off when the tractor is parked.  Tutka is fascinated by the chickens and desperately want to "play" with them.  The chickens don't seem to mind Tutka and even appear curious.  I am watching Tutka carefully as I don't want him to develop a taste for chicken.