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March 2005 Archive
20 March 2005
Mar 2005  Well, I think I'm back after a long hiatus.  A lot has been going on and I finally got a new camera after my old one fell out of a float plane into the ocean back in September.   Allison and I just got back from a vacation and belated honeymoon at the Danzante Resort, just south of Loreto BCS, Mexico.   I highly recommend  Danzante Resort.  It is a remote eco-resort with only 9 rooms and lots of pampering.  There is lots to do (snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, whale watching, etc), or nothing to do.  The owners, Michael and Lauren Farley, are fabulous hosts and have a great local crew.  We were also lucky in that it had been raining for months beforehand, and the desert was verdant, growing, and blooming.  Everyone said you never see Baja this green.  This is part of the view from our room.  The ruggedly beautiful Danzante Island is in the center.
27 March 2005
Tons of Fun
Mar 2005  Whilst at Danzante, we went whale watching.  We went specifically for Blue Whales, of which we saw 2.  On the way back we came arcoss this Humpback Whale  (Megaptera novaeangliae).  We must have watched him breaching, rolling and banging his fins on the water for over an hour.  I sure would like to know what his purpose was.  I like to think he was just having fun.