Past Pals
This was Sipsu.  A retired Barrow Sled Dog I adopted.  He is an "Eskimo Sled Dog", a Canadian Breed.  He was a very alpha-male.  It took him a little while to make the transformation from an outdoor dog to an indoor dog.  He was a very good companion.
Henson and yours truely
These 2 pictures are of Henson, a son of Sipsu.  I adopted him after Sipsu died.  He was not an alpha-male, but he was also a very good companion.
Delta - Click for the 175K MPG
This was Delta, my friend's Malamute.  He was rather slow as a sled dog, but he more than made up for it in charisma and good humor.  (Ever notice how much dogs are like their masters?)  I love this mpg (175K) of him.  Click Delta to see the movie.  Make sure you have sound!
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